The Worst Case Scenario

Laptop username matches dzero\username but

Laptop password differs from dzero password


Your problem is that you can confuse D0server3, the computer in charge of printers, by having the right username but the wrong password.  Here’s a way to un-confuse things.  After you’ve done some initial setup, there is actually just one extra step from the other situations.

Command File Creation

Create a command file by starting either Notepad or Wordpad ( in Programs|Accessories ), then enter the text

NET USE \\\netlogon /user:dzero\username

substituting your username of course, then Save As


to your desktop.

Using the Command File

Now when you start up a session at Fermilab, double-click on this command file to execute it.  It gets you acquainted with D0server3 by trying to log you in—which will fail, since the system thoughtfully tries yours laptop password first.    You should see something like

When you give it your correct dzero password at the prompt, the command completes successfully and the window vanishes.  You can of course do the same thing in a command window without the command file.


You can add other things to this command file: connections to back home, or to Fermilab file servers:

NET USE P: \\\Projects /user:dzero\username


Protect your password: don’t add it to a command file sitting conveniently on your desktop!


Accessing the Print Server

Now d0server3 knows who you are, and you can proceed with the Start | Run method

as in the other domain-account cases.  It works, but you may see some alarming-looking messages because of your odd authentication situation, claiming inability to access:

And if you were to look in Printers, you might also see Unable to Access or Access Denied as your printer’s

status.  However, ignore these alarming messages and print anyway.