Avoiding name resolution problems

You want to be sure that when you type \\d0server3.fnal.gov that you get to the right machine.

q       Set up your network connection correctly for Dzero

q       Type the full name \\d0server3.fnal.gov  rather than \\d0server3

In case of confusion, use the raw IP number, which you can usually find in a Command Window by

nslookup d0server3.fnal.gov

unless your network connection is so confused you can’t look up names.  Some useful diagnostics:

            net use            show existing connections and status

nbtstat –c                       look at your computer’s name translation cache

Avoiding authentication problems

You also want to make sure that the print server feels you are correctly logged in.  If you try and fail several times within a few minutes, your account will be locked and it is futile to try again for 15 minutes or so.  A critical time to take precautions is when you are logging out of a session:

q       Remove newly-“installed” Fermilab printer(s) from your printer list

q       Close any Printers window

q       If you have any Explorer or My Computer window with D0server3 in it, either close the window, or browse somewhere that D0server3 is not longer showing.

Logging back in with one of these showing may generate failed login requests sufficient to lock you out of D0server3 even if you follow correct procedures!  This is particularly likely to happen if your laptop account username matches your dzero\username but the passwords do not match.


No logon servers

Domain controller not found—you are having name resolution problems, possibly from WINS settings, possibly from interactions of two domains.

Net Path Not found or Network Name Cannot be Found

            Name resolution problem, most likely.

If you get

it might be name resolution problems (try again with \\D0server3.fnal.gov), or authentication problems.


If you see

it’s probably an authentication problem, so take (belatedly) the precautions above, and wait as patiently as you can manage for 15 mins or so.


A truly wonderful error message:


When this happens, you may get in a loop; kill explorer via task manager

(r-click task bar|task manager|find explorer window| end program) then follow advice above.