Conventional User Interface

Self-contained Zipfile containing
the front-end fortran program and the three standard CTEQ6 sets:

Readme file (from header to Ctq6Pdf.f): Readme.cteq6.txt

Notes on Updates and Corrections:




 Erratum to Table of PDF coefficients in original hep-ph/0201195, App. A

Corrected CorrectTbl to resubmitted arXiv version



 Bug (Iflavor > 2) fixed



 Set pdf=0 at x=1.0
Some compilers have trouble handling x=1 in the original version


Separate files:

Common Fortran Interface: Ctq6Pdf.f 

PDF sets

 Data Tables

 Three Standard Sets

 cteq6m.tbl (MsBar)
cteq6d.tbl (DIS)
cteq6l.tbl (LO)

 Cteq6m + 40 Eigenvector Sets
(for uncertainty studies) zipped

 6mtbl.zip (2.9 MB)