CTEQ6AB Series (December 2005)---Alpha-series (for two definitions of Alpha)

Jon Pumplin et.al. : hep-ph/0512167

Parton Distributions given in the LHAPDF format: http://hepforge.cedar.ac.uk/lhapdf/

Standard CTEQ table format

The content of this table is updated on 2004.12.14

New PDFs CTEQ6HQ (heavy quark) and CTEQ6sx (strangeness asym.) have been added. (See references in Cteq6Pdf-2004.txt.) Previous table files are still applicable. New data tables have the extension .pds. The user needs to download the cteq6.pds.zip file in order to use these new PDFs. Detailed instructions are in Cteq6Pdf-2004.txt (which is also reproduced as header lines in Cteq6Pdf-2004.f). The Demo program illustrates how the CTEQ6Pdf program is set up and called.

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  Front-end calling program for
all the CTEQ6 PDFs:


Header file with summary information:


 A simple demo program for
using CTEQ6 PDFs:


 Data files for new PDFs


 Tables for the standard CTEQ6 sets ("best fits")
-- cteq6m, cteq6d, cteq6L, cteq6L1:
Ref. ArXiv; JHEP --


For uncertainty studies: Tables for40 eigenvector sets

 CTEQ6M (6.0)
Ref. ArXiv; JHEP :


Ref. ArXiv :


 Alternative User Interface
using QCD Evolution:
(The "Les Houches Accord" Interface)
can be found
Here (no cteq6.1 yet)

 (for historical reference only)

The previous version of this web page (2002) is reproduced here.